SPP meaning and requirements

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SPP meaning and requirements

Postby dynamic » Thu Jul 21, 2016 9:33 am

What is SPP? what are the requirements for SPP? and the rules for applying SPP visa

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Re: SPP meaning and requirements

Postby Helga » Thu Jul 21, 2016 10:34 am

SPP is Student Partner Program which was established in 2011 by Canadian High Commission to streamline Visa process. The Canadian Government is now keen on getting more international students from Australia, the UK and India. Under this project, applications will be processed in a very short period. They have asked for only seven documents and the visa application process will be processed within 14 days -- guaranteed.

This program allows Indian students to get visa very quickly and with minimal documentation. In addition to this Indian student will also get work permit after doing their studies. Canadian government has appointed few selected colleges to get admission under SPP Program Canada . Most of the colleges listed under the SPP program are Canadian government funded and offer very high level of education.

The seven documents essential for visa application under SPP are:

1. Application for a student visa
2. Acceptance letter from a Canadian education institution
3. Receipt of tuition fees
4. IELTS score-card
5. Copy of a diploma or another similar certificate
6. Proof of bank loan
7. Income tax or employment details of the parents

As compared to earlier years, the new application process is very short and the file contains few documents. So, submission of all these 'genuine' documents can guarantee our students a visa in a few days.

-The student should have a minimum of 50% or ‘C’ grade in their most recently completed degree/diploma.
-Medical examination from an SPP approved Physician is essential prior to submitting the visa application form.
-The Letter of Acceptance should have planned start date and end date of the program.
-It is mandatory to give the IELTS and should score a minimum of 6.0.
-No more than 8 backlogs
-Study gap of no more than 5 years, with some exceptions made for students with excellent grades and a six year gap.
-Education loan from an Indian Chartered Bank is mandatory and 80% of tuition costs, living for 1 year and travel expenses should be covered from the loan.
-Full mark sheets are required. (Consolidated mark sheet are not acceptable).

SPP applications should be submitted by 1st of August in order to seek admission for September intake. Indian students can lodge the student visa applications via VFS.

When filing for VISA under SPP, two most important attachments that are essential are receipt of tuition fee for one semester or the full year and Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC).

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